It is advised and supposed to be beneficial to ask a book-keeper for help in some questions during the legal procedure of the company foundation. It can result more beneficial condition from the point of taxation and can save some future expenditures.

Scope of company activity

The planned company activities should be considered and determined, as well as their tax and book-keeping specialties shall be learnt. They can cause relevant volume of expenditures affecting the business success. It is not necessary to list too many activities in the deed of foundation for a new activity can be taken any time and it shall just be reported to the Tax Authority. Please consult a book-keeper in this case.

Seat, Site

The seat is the central place of the company operation. Beside of the seat, a company may have sites that shall be recorded in the basic documentation of the company (Deed of foundation, Articles of incorporation, Licence of operation). Beside of the direct cost of a site operation (leasing, overhead costs, etc.) the related costs of a site, such as local taxes, can be relevant as well. It shall be considered before the start of the related activity and the possibly most beneficial solution shall be chosen. Our book-keepers are glad to help you in this concern.

Ownership, management

It is rather difficult for both the new and the operating companies to pay the duties in connection to the operation. A well established structure of ownership and management can save even hundreds of thousands forint in a year. That’s why a consultation with a book-keeper can be beneficial before the foundation but for an existing company as well.

Financial planning

Financial calculations on the expected incomes and expenditures are usually made at the foundation of the company. These cover the overhead costs and the expected incomes in general. But they do not cover the costs, the taxes and other duties in relation to the planned salaries, incomes and profits. The companies often realise the real volume of the cost of operation just some months later. It is a daily routine of a book-keeper that can be an incredible advantage if used appropriately.

Specialities of taxation

The tax system is rather complex and there are unexpected exceptions. But the violation of these special rules can result in serious and unavoidable extra taxes or costs. Thats why we have the following slogan: Consult your book-keeper in case of any business being other than your daily routine!