Book-keeping, consultation on tax items

Book-keeping, consultation on tax items

Our business experience of more than 20 years is established by our policy based on experienced and certified book-keepers and skilled professionals. We had gained experience to serve customers of wide range of activities.

We provide professional service of high quality in the following fields:

  • IT companies
  • Law offices
  • Construction
  • Transportation
  • Sale and purchase of estates
  • Management of estates
  • Commerce
  • Financial services (shares, bonds, stocks)
  • Marketing
  • estoration and arts
  • Health-care services
  • Security and guarding operation

Our book-keeping service can be completed at the seat of our customers as part or full time operation according to the requirements.


The book-keeping service covers the following operations:

  • Establishment of the rules of accountancy
  • Complete service of book-keeping
  • Pay-roll
  • Registration of invested assets
  • Accounting and preparation of the obligations to be paid to the Budget (VAT, Social security,pension, income tax, company tax and contributions) as well as the related data service.
  • Administration in connection to the regular reports (submittal and any related administration)
  • Preparation and submittal of the required reports.
  • Preparation of statements (balance, statement of results, supplements and business reports)
  • The administration and accounting is completed at the seat of the customer in part or full time.
  • Management of special problems of accounting
    Reconstruction of book-keeping
  • Book-keeping operations in connection with the liquidation of the companies
  • Solutions for specific business conditions

Consulting on taxation

This operation covers the management of tax obligation of our customers in connection with the book-keeping

Solution of specific tax items:

  • Consulting service on the whole range of the different taxes, especially the company tax, the VAT and the personal income taxes
  • Representation of the company during the procedure of tax revision
  • Scheduling and optimisation of taxation, determination of the best options for the customer
  • Consultation on financial crisis and indebtedness
  • Planning of the structure of company and of company groups, consulting service on the foundation of company home and all over the world, offshore consulting service management and completion of the affairs of international ownership, management and bank


  • Consultation on strategy and business
  • Consultation on financial items and applications